somerville life great for tufts students

Somerville – Awesome for Professionals, Tufts Students and Everyone Else!

What a difference a little time can make. Several years into its renaissance, Somerville has completely transformed itself without losing its identity. Today, Somerville is a trendy neighborhood, a destination for dining, shopping, and nights out. Needless to say, it’s quite an attractive place to live.

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Average Rent Prices in Somerville 2019

The overall Somerville apartment rental market is looking healthy. Rental increases are in line with local wage inflation and property tax increases based on assessments. This year highlights another year of steady growth for Somerville apartment rental prices amid an ever expanding Greater Boston real estate market. This report will cover ranges of rent in and throughout Somerville as well as overall rental pricing power in the marketplace. You will see a micro-neighborhood break down of rents throughout Somerville. You will also notice rock-steady rents with few major dips even during the slower volume seasonal leasing periods.

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best coffee shops in somerville

6 Best Coffee Shops in Somerville, MA

Whether you’re grabbing a morning latte on your way to work, sipping tea with friends, or settling in with coffee and a snack for a while, there really is no substitute for a good coffee shop. From national chains to local cafes, if you’re looking for the best place to get coffee in Somerville, MA, we’ve gathered some of our favorites for you, ranked in no particular order. We narrowed the list down to five, but snuck a bonus entry in at the end. While not a coffee shop first and foremost, it’s one of the best places in Somerville to get coffee and pastries, so we included it all the same.

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best gyms in somerville

The Best Gyms in Somerville, MA

Staying in shape is hard, full stop. Academic, professional, and domestic responsibilities hungrily eat through our time, leaving some of us with little time and energy. Stress and exhaustion can combine to cause us to eat more and move less. Some folks are able to get a private exercise routine going, and stick to it all by themselves. But for a lot of us, such efforts inevitably fizzle out, leaving us right back where we started. And even the truly motivated athlete can only get so far on their own. Eventually, we all need some help to reach our fitness goals.

And for that, most of us need a gym.

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Top 8 Fall Activities in or near Somerville, MA

Greater Boston is famous for its gorgeous autumns, and Somerville is no exception. From the changing colors of the trees, to the crisp breezes signaling the return of sweater weather, to seasonal favorites like apple cider, cinnamon everything, and yes, pumpkin spice, there’s a lot to look forward to. It’s tricky to narrow down the best fall activities in Somerville, MA – there’s just so much to do – but if you’re looking for things to do in Somerville in the fall, you can’t go wrong with these.

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