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The Best Gyms in Somerville, MA

Staying in shape is hard, full stop. Academic, professional, and domestic responsibilities hungrily eat through our time, leaving some of us with little time and energy. Stress and exhaustion can combine to cause us to eat more and move less. Some folks are able to get a private exercise routine going, and stick to it all by themselves. But for a lot of us, such efforts inevitably fizzle out, leaving us right back where we started. And even the truly motivated athlete can only get so far on their own. Eventually, we all need some help to reach our fitness goals.

And for that, most of us need a gym.

We’ve scoured the area to find the best gyms in Somerville, MA, so you can focus your efforts on finding the one that’s right for you. Somerville in particular has a big focus on personal training, classes, and coaching: there aren’t a lot of big-box gyms nearby. But when it comes to results, these gyms are second to none.

Achieve Fitness

Ask any Achieve Fitness member what they like about their gym, and you’ll get a wide array of answers. But the one thing you’re likely to hear from everyone is the welcoming atmosphere and warm community. Body-positive, inclusive, and supporting, Achieve strives to create the least intimidating environment possible. And by all accounts, they’re succeeding brilliantly.

Some might worry that the focus on positivity means that Achieve is lacking when it comes to traditional gym elements, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Full of modern, clean equipment in excellent shape, Achieve is a power lifter’s dream come true. The coaches have a big focus on form, which is a real help to anyone who’s hurt themselves trying to bench press more than they really ought to (not that your humble writer has any experience with that).

Achieve’s members love the place. Seriously: take a look at their reviews. they’ve been in business since 2012, and as of this writing all of their reviews give them five out of five stars. So what’s the catch? Well, it’s not the cheapest gym in the world. But if you’re looking to make an investment in your health, Achieve just might be the place for you.

Built in Boston

Well, Greater Boston anyway. Located on Somerville Ave. in Somerville, this private training studio stands out for its personal touch. Owner/trainer Sean Collins runs one-on-one and small group lessons, and it’s his efforts that make Built in Boston what it is. Members love the flexibility and attention to detail that comes from working with such a knowledgeable coach, and many have followed him from gym to gym until he finally opened his own studio.

Commonwealth Crossfit

Love the camaraderie and competition of being involved in sports, but can’t fit them into your schedule? Crossfit is is designed to play into our competitive and collaborative tendencies, and it really works. Commonwealth Crossfit boasts an enthusiastic, supportive community, and detail-oriented coaches. A common misconception about Crossfit is that the competitive aspect makes for a less-welcoming environment, especially for newbies. And while that might be true at some locations, Commonwealth Crossfit is especially well-regarded for their coaches’ ability to meet athletes where they are. Safety is a big priority: this isn’t a place that’s going to push you beyond a good idea, or make you feel like you’re lagging behind.

Orangetheory Fitness

If you’re looking for a modern, sports science-derived workout program, Orangetheory has a lot to recommend it. The tailored workout classes only take about an hour, and when properly coached, do a remarkable job of helping people achieve their fitness goals. As they put it, nobody should “live to exercise,” it should be the other way around. Exercise to live.

Not all Orangetheory locations are created equal, however. And it’s here that the Somerville location really shines. Focused on helping their members achieve their goals – whatever those might be – is the studio’s bread and butter.

Parkour Generations Boston

Lately, it seems like every action movie has a parkour scene, where our hero leaps like a superhero through their environment, performing feats like a video game character. A quick scan through YouTube confirms that this isn’t CGI or camera angle trickery: parkour athletes get out and do these crazy stunts in the real world. Obviously, the professional athletes are in peak shape, but parkour is a stellar exercise for anyone looking to improve their strength, cardio, and drop a few pounds.

No, really. It’s true! Parkour Generations has classes for kids and adults, and their intro classes will genuinely meet you at your current fitness level. From octogenarians and couch potatoes to student athletes and serious fitness buffs, there’s a lot of room in the discipline to meet your fitness goals, while learning some genuinely fun and useful skills.

We’re more likely to stick with exercise programs when we’re having fun. Doubly so when the environment is supportive. And Parkour Generations delivers on all counts.

Training, Personalized

As noted earlier, these gyms have a strong emphasis on coached workouts, trainer sessions, and classes. And for any of us who’ve struggled with keeping an exercise routine going, this isn’t a bug: it’s a feature. So whether you’re a Tufts student looking to shed the dreaded “Freshman 15,” a professional trying to fit a workout in your schedule, or really anyone who wants to improve their physical fitness, one of these gyms should be able to get you where you want to be.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite that we missed? Do you live in Somerville, but drive out of town for a gym you just can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

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